Supervision & Consultation

Are you an aspiring Sex Therapist or Counselor who is interested in becoming certified with the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)? You may be a Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Medical Professional, Social Worker, Counselor or Marriage and Family Therapist who faces challenges or questions in working with individuals and couples around sexual issues? Do you work as a solo practioner in a private practice or see this a your goal for the future? If so, contact me, Jessica Ford. I am seeking Sex Therapists and Counselor Supervisees to guide them through the AASECT Certification or other licensure processes via the Internet or face-to-face supervision / consultation. 

All of my professional work primarily focused on relationship issues for individuals and couples with an emphasis on sex therapy. As a consultant to therapists and health care providers for more than 20 years, Jessica draws on a variety of relationship theories. Those who seek consultation are trained in variety of therapeutic modalities and philosophies from such organizations and individuals as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (ICEEFT), Gottman Institute, Terry Real and Esther Perel and Mindfulness based approaches. Therapists and health care providers who receive consultation and supervision experience a welcoming approach to all types of theories, as well as an opportunity to integrate different theoretical frameworks.


Seeking certification sets you apart from many professionals. It speaks to your desire to provide clients with the best and most knowledgeable care currently available. The certification and structured supervision process supports you as you gain confidence, understand the depth of the field of sexuality and become more knowledgeable in working with a diverse array of clients and their issues. 

If you have been licensed for less than 10 years, AASECT requires Sex Therapists to have 50 hours and Sexuality Counselors to have 30 hours of supervision, half of which can be obtained in a group format. A group will have no more than four members to ensure individual attention. If you are quite new to sex therapy or counseling, it is advised that you first take coursework, and then do individual supervision for several sessions before you take group supervision. While there is comfort in numbers, it is helpful if you first understand your strengths and weaknesses before you join group. Supervision can be conducted via the internet.

As a Sex Therapy Supervisor, the AASECT Supervision Guidelines are strictly followed. All supervision sessions are applied toward the requirements for certification as per AASECT guidelines - please review the AASECT Sex Therapist certification or AASECT Sexuality Counselor certification process.

Here's where to begin:

  • Read the requirements for certification you are seeking and if you feel you are ready to move ahead then...
  • Contact Jessica (below) to schedule an initial conversation over the phone or via the internet.
  • Identify what kind of supervision you’re seeking, the nature of your practice, where you are in your career and how often you would like to meet
  • Contract for the multiple supervision sessions either individually or in a group of 4


If you would like to gain more knowledge, increase your self–confidence and competency, and expand your theoretical knowledge on how to integrate discussing sexuality with your clients, consider reaching out to Jessica for consultation. Whatever your questions or clinical needs are be assured answers will be provided in a safe and comfortable enviroment directly in the office, the phone or via Skype. 

Please contact Jessica directly to schedule an initial conversation to discuss your supervision and consultation requirements.